Anderby Parish Snow Plan 2016



Winter salt based grit is stored in builder’s bags at the Village Hall car park, Sea Road, Anderby.

Grit bins are located in Sea Road Anderby, Roman Bank at the Bank Farm Corner, and Sea Road in Anderby Creek.


Contacts for Delivery (etc)

Mrs Kath Hayes (the Parish Council Clerk) - Home Telephone - 01507 490097                                                  


Gritting Schedule (in order of priority)

  1. The highway east of Anderby Village Hall to the corner after the junction with Pinfold Lane.
  2. The highway west of the Village Hall to the village Church.

Sea Road is generally outside of the Highways gritting network. 


Authorised Persons

All members of the Parish Council, or any volunteers that have been authorised by the Parish Council Clerk, or a Councillor serving on the Parish Council.