20 March 2020

Anderby Parish Council


Minutes Of The Meeting Of Anderby Parish Council Held Via E – Mail On 20th March 2020


Due to the uncertainty of the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus and in order to limit the risk to members of the public and elected council members there was no formal Parish Council meeting on the above date.  The meeting will be held via e-mail and council members voted by e-mail following communication and agreement by council members. 


There was no Public Forum as no members of the public had submitted questions by e-mail to anderbyparishcouncil@gmail.com by 10.00am on Monday 20th April 2020.


Note: The minutes were compiled using the e-mail replies / comments from council members.  These will be kept for members to review and will be forwarded to each council member for approval prior to next meeting.  A copy of all e-mails will be retained for authenticity.


Present via e-mail:   

Councillors: G. Fisher (Acting Chairman), D. Wood, Gwen Fisher, J. Hayes, D Simmons and L. Johnson. 


  1. Delegation Of Authority To Parish Clerk Councillor – Delegated authority is given to Parish Clerk (in consultation with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman) to undertake day to day duties, undertake additional duties and take decisive action within legal constraints and with the best intentions of public safety during the current situation to minimise the disruption to the service provision.  This to be reviewed monthly as the current situation becomes clearer.


  1. To Agree To Hold Parish Meetings Via E-Mail/Phone - Due to the uncertainty of the spread of Covid-19 / Coronavirus and in order to limit the risk to members of the public and elected council members.  The Parish Council meeting will be held via e-mail / phone and council members will vote by e-mail / phone. 


  1. Apologies For Absence – Cllr C. Sears offered her apology.


  1. Declaration Of Interest – None received.


  1. Notes Of Last Meeting - The Minutes of the meeting held on 17th February 2020 were unanimously approved and will be signed by the Chairman when restrictions are lifted.


  1. To Receive Reports From Representatives Of Outside Bodies – None to report.


  1. Reports From Other Meetings – None to report.


  1. Correspondence – The following correspondences had been received:

    1. Coronavirus Information – – Parish Clerk has passed any information to council as received.  Any relevant information which is helpful to residents has been formatted into a notice and placed on parish notice board and website under the “Coronavirus” heading.


  1. Finance

  1. End of Year Financial Statement to 31st March 2020 – This has been forwarded to council members for approval.

  2. Internal and External Audit – Finance Books are ready to be Internally Audited.  Not sent yet as the External Auditors PKF Littlejohn have only just released instructions.  These have been delayed pending clarification over coronavirus.  The deadline for the Annual Governance Statement and Statement of Accounts of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) has been extended from 30th September 2020 to 30th November 2020 Clerk will now complete forms upon receipt of completed Internal Audit.

  3. VAT Reclaim – Forms had not yet been submitted to reclaim the VAT paid for 2019.  These will be completed and submitted as soon as Internal Audit completed.

  4. New Signatory for Bank Accounts – Cllr D. Wood has been appointed as the new signatory and clerk has received notification from the bank.


  1. Anderby Creek Cloud Bar – After consultation with LCCP the “Cloud Bar” has been locked until further notice.


  1. Posponmentof Agm / Parish Meeting – Under government guidelines there are to be no public meetings of more than 2 people.  Therefore, it was agreed to postpone the AGM/Parish Meeting until the situation becomes clearer.


  1. Use Of Zoom For Future Parish Meetings – LALC have trailed ZOOM, a video conferencing system.  Cllr D Wood and Parish Clerk have attended a trial.  Cllr D Wood is arranging for council to have a trial with a view to use for next council meeting.


  1. Date Of Next Meeting – It was agreed that the next meeting would be on Monday 18th May 2020 subject to confirmation


  1. Other Matters For Discussion –Cllr Woods informed council that the Mat deployment and opening ceremony delayed until current situation becomes clearer.  Cllr L. Johnson informed council that all “Food Leaflets” have now been distributed to both private houses and caravan sites.